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I have been collecting and dealing in antique swords and edged weapons since 1998 and over that time, have been lucky enough to handle many thousands of antique military swords.  They have ranged from ancient Celtic warrior’s swords to superbly decorated 17th Century rapiers, to the very last cavalry sabres used on the battlefields of WWI.  Below are some examples of swords that I have bought and sold over the years.

Antique Swords and Making Friends

I get a terrific thrill from buying and selling antique swords and there is no greater pleasure than attending auctions, antique arms shows or rooting around antiques shops, looking for a hidden gem.  I have met many collectors over the years and like to think that I have also made many friends in the world of antique sword collecting.  I am proud to say that the key to any positive relationship between buyer and seller is trust and I am happy to say that many of my current customers have been with me from my early days of selling.  Hopefully, it means that I am getting something right!  I have always traded on my reputation for providing original and interesting examples of swords spanning many centuries, coupled with a friendly and efficient approach to customer queries.  Emails are always answered promptly and I like nothing more than a good chat about swords!

Antique Swords and Books for Collectors

I have accumulated many thousands of full colour photographs of the swords that I have purchased and since 2003, have put them to good use by producing a series of price guides and reference books for the collector and student of antique military swords.  Click the images below for more information on all the books that I have authored.


Books will always pay you back many times over

I have always believed that the initial investment in a good reference book will always pay you back many times over and give you the edge when on the hunt for antique swords.  Take a look at my other articles and you will see that I have put together a bibilography of books for the sword collector.  I hope to keep adding to this list and welcome any suggestions.  Just e-mail me here if you have a suggestion for a title to add to the list.  The more knowledgeable we all become can only be a good thing.

Future Articles

As I develop this web site, I hope to produce more articles about collecting antique military swords and importantly, the history of these unique items.  Please check back regularly as I will be regularly adding new articles.  

I hope that you will find then both helpful and informative and please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to submit an article or make a suggestion.

Happy collecting!
Best wishes,

Harvey Withers